Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inexpensive Ways to Say I Love You

Guest post from Kathi Lipp of KathiLipp.com
One of the most frequent questions I get is “I know you leave a lot of notes for your husband, but how do you do it?” It seems some women are intimidated by leaving little, encouraging notes for their man – as if they aren’t going to do it “right”.
So here are a few fun, creative, and inexpensive ways to leave a note of encouragement for your man to get you started:

1. Use Post-it Notes.

As a certified “Office Supply Junkie” I always have a variety of Post-it Notes at my disposal. I leave love notes in his car, in our bathroom, on the fridge, and in his lunch. Anywhere that I can “plant” it in advance for him to find at a later date.

2. Write in Lipstick on Your Bathroom Mirror.

3. Spell “I Love You” With Hershey’s Syrup on a Plate.

Add vanilla ice cream and strawberries for an elegant and tasty add-on.

4. Send A Banana-gram.

When silliness is called for, nothing brings it on like a banana. Just use a Marks-a-lot maker and get creative.

5. Leave Chocolate and a Note on His Pillow.

6. Create a Background On His Computer That Says “I Love You!”

7. Leave a Love Note in His Jacket Pocket.

8. Text Him a Love Note While He’s at Work.

9. Send a Note to His Work Address.

Don’t send a big red envelope with hearts and flowers all over it (unless he enjoys being the center of attention!) but a plain white envelope with some sweet nothings tucked inside would be a welcome break from him day to day work routine.

10. I Love You Because… Mailbox

Come up with your own list of why you love your husband, and then create little messages for each of those reasons. I bought the mailbox in the Dollar Bin at Target and cut up some festive scrapbook paper to create the little notes.

11. Spell it Out on a Scrabble Board or With Pepperoni on a Homemade Pizza.

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