Friday, January 16, 2015

Miscellaneous musings

It is hard to believe that this beautiful young lady is now 22.  Where have the years gone.  Breanna you have always been such a joy in our home.  We love you so much and are so very grateful that God gave you to this family.

Daddy's Girls  
This man is so surrounded by love!  They truly adore and look up to their daddy!  We were sitting at the table the other day and Esther (age 6) said, "I want to marry someone like Daddy some day."  Brittany (age 25) says so do Bree and I, that is what we are still waiting for.  :-)  How thankful I am for such a Godly man.  

Oh these boys . . . I love them so!  

Our first time getting to celebrate our precious new daughter-in-law's birthday.  Martha is such a blessing.  We all love her SO much!  What a joy she and Tayte are to watch as they have begun their journey together.  

Last but not least of the musings today  . . . Daisy, our super special family dog, had 10 new puppies Tuesday.  The children were so excited.  Anyone need one or two ??  :-)

Hope you are all having a fantastic new year so far and are staying warm.  Even here in South Georgia it has been cold.  :-)

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  1. I enjoyed all these precious pictures so much! What a dear family. (especially loved the one of you and your boys...your mother's smile...beautiful!)

    LOL about the puppies. One is doing us for now. :D haha...

    Love you all! Miss y'all.

    Love, Adeline