Monday, January 5, 2015

Advance on Your Knees ~ Faith & Courage for This Year's Journey

And the Lord shall guide thee continually...
Isaiah 58:11
...and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.
Habakkuk 3:19
Advance into this new year on your knees.  Faith doesn ot concern itself with the entire journey.  One step is enough.  That first step is all that is needed.  Breathe a prayer for courage to fill your legs as well as your heart as you face the unknown, the unexpected.  What matters that you know not your destination?  Put your hand into the hand of God.  He gives the calmness and serenity of heart and soul.  As He endures, you too, can endure the climb over sharp rocks and crags.  Climb with Him to the end of the year - yea, even to the end of life's trail.  "The peak that is nearest the storm-cloud is nearer the stars fo light."  He gives the courage for which you pray to rise above the valley.  Heed the Master's voice adn press bravely on to the fulfillment of your task.  You have a whole year to scale.
"A Voice said 'CLIMB.'  And he said, 'How shall I climb?
The mountains are so steep that I cannot climb.'
"The Voice said, 'CLIMB or DIE.'
"He said, 'But how?  I see no way up those steep ascents.
This that is asked of me is too hard for me.'
"The Voice said, 'CLIMB or PERISH, soul and body of thee, mind and spirit of thee.  There is no second choice for any son of man.  CLIMB or DIE.'"
Some of the bravest of mountaineers have related incredible tales concerning their climbs up the hills of earth.  Sometimes they were aware fo the presence of a Companion who was not among the earthly party of climbers on the mountains.
How much more positive is the presence fo the Heavenly Guide as God's mountaineers climb the high places fo the Spirit!
God's mountain climbers are created to walk in precarious places, not on the easy levels of life.
Do not limit the Limitless God!  With Him face the new trail and follow on unafraid, for you walk not alone!
- Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, Streams in the Dessert, Volume 2, January 2nd

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