Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Pictures of the Day

Hello dear friends!  I know this is not our typical, to just post random pictures from the day, but we had the camera out a couple of times and got some sweet pictures, so I thought I would share some of our day with you all. 

First, we have our sweet little Essie with her hair all done up.  She felt so pretty and just had to come show Mommy, who just had to take some pictures of her looking so sweet!

What an absolute dolly!  Who could resist such a precious child?
(I'm not bias, am I?)

And of course, we did Bell's hair the same way as Essie's so they matched!
Two little sweeties!  I love to see them bonding as siblings!  
Siblings are such a blessing!

Next, we come to Dad and Tayter cleaning the truck together.
It sure needed it! 
Not to fear, it was so shiny and clean after they were done,
 that one could nearly eat off of it now!
Just kidding of course! 
Those two guys have fantastic work ethics! 

I really like this picture of Dad.
That smile just gives me so much delight!
He is such a precious guy! 
I love you sooooo much, Daddy!

Trying to capture this lovely daffodil! 
There is such beauty in God's creation!
If His creation is so beautiful and fascinating,
how much more the awesome Creator, who is more beautiful
and wonderful than these small and insignificant minds of
ours can ever even begin to imagine?
What an awesome God we serve!  "Oh for grace to love Him more!"

More of His marvelous handiwork!

Here we come to the great adventure of the night... catching the toad.
All three of these guys were so cute to watch as they desperetely tried
to catch this poor toad, but were not wanting to touch it!

Ta da!  Mr. Toad has been captured and was being held prisoner
in an egg bucket until the time when his new prison... oh, I mean house,
was completed. 

This barrel, that typically holds flowers in the summer,
is currently the home of Mr. Toad, well designed by
Mr. Ti, Miss Bell, and Miss Essie!
They are still trying to decide what they might feed their
little friend!
Simple pleasures for simple minds!
Love the simplicity of sweet, precious and innocent little minds!

Here's my sweet little buddy, Ti! 
Such an ornery little fella, but so sweet!
Ya, I have to admit that he probably does have this big sissies heart
wrapped around his little finger!  But with a smile like that, who could resist?
He's getting so big so fast!  It seems like not that long ago it
was just Dad, Mom, Britt, Tayter and I awaiting the arrival of Bell. 
And here we have Bell, Ti, Essie and Little Rose! 
After eight years between Tayter and Bell, who would have thought!
God has blessed us so richly, and we feel so delighted to have these little
ones in our home and lives!  Wouldn't know what to do without 'em!

In family devotions tonight we finished up John chapter eight.  We were challenged with the thought of showing love to all people and not being partial.   We can be so critical and put different one's out just because they are not like me and don't fit in my "box".   Oh, to love as Christ loved and loves!  If Christ Jesus were as critical of me as I can be of other's, I would be in such a terrible state!  May we learn to, as our Lord exampled, love one another without partiality.  Yes, speak and stand on truth, but love genuinely from the heart.

In closing, here is just a thought to ponder on, shared by Mr. Paul Washer on the Twitter account.

God's providence working through the years will gradually strip the believer of self-righteousness and leave him with nothing but grace.

May we all be stripped of our own self- righteousness and cling fully to Christ as our only hope and our all in all!

Well, my precious readers, the hour is drawing late and the morning will come quickly.
Good night and love to you all!


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  1. Greetings from the Atkins store! :-)
    Just wanted to say again how blessed I was by the time I spent with you and your dear family! This post is so sweet and delightful; I haven't seen a nice fat toad it two years!!
    Take care, my friend,
    In His love,