Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alabama Relief Opportunity

Peter Bradrick has done an excellent job organizing a way for people to aid a few of the precious families in Alabama that were effected by the recent tornado.  We thought we would post the link so that if you are looking for a way to help you would have a resource to do so.

Here is a tid bit about each of the families but if you go to the above link you can hear the actual interviews with each of them. 

The Lee Family

Tom Lee died heroically protecting his family as their home collapsed around them. In God’s Mercy his wife and thirteen children survived after many hours of being trapped under rubble. Daughters Tiffany and Emily are in the hospital and suffered potentially severe nerve damage. Their insurance does not cover these medical bills, their father is dead, and their home and possessions are gone.

The Crawford Family

The home of Aaron and Kelly Crawford (of generationcedar.com) and their nine children was completely destroyed by a tornado on Wednesday night taking all of there earthly possessions including all of their vehicles and all of Aaron’s construction tools which are his source of livelihood.

The Boyd Family

Gary and Jane Boyd and their nine children survived without injury but their home was severely damaged by trees falling on it. Their home was the rendezvous point for the Lee and Crawford families in the hours following the tornado since it was the only one left standing.

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