Monday, September 29, 2014

New Favorites!

Recently the Lord brought across my path a couple of new resources that have become a real blessing and encouragement to me.
Streams in the Desert is a wonderful devotional that hits the practical heart dealings of life and points to our only one true source of strength - Jesus Christ.
I have been blessed over the past couple of years by the Daily Light on the Daily Path devotional,which is simply a collection of various Scripture passages pulled together into one thought.  My only disappointment has been that it was not in the KJV.  While listening to a teaching tape by Elisabeth Elliot the other day she mentioned reading this in the KJV.  So, I had to look, and was very blessed to find Daily Light on the Daily Path in the KJV!
These are now in the left hand column under our Favorite Websites.  I hope that maybe these, along with the others listed there, can be a blessing and a tool to encourage and to point you to Christ.

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