Thursday, September 4, 2014

Embrace Your Marriage: A Virtual Marriage Retreat...enjoy for free from your home!

I am so excited about this series!  6 bloggers, including one of my all time favorites Lisa Jacobson, joined together to do a Marriage Retreat to encourage women in their marriages every Monday of each of the 5 weeks in the month of September.  Total there will be 30 posts this month on marriage on these 6 ladies blogs. 

Every Monday in September, each of the following blogs will be offering a word of wisdom and inspiration to encourage you in your marriage.
And here’s what you have to look forward to!
  • September 1 – Embracing Grace 
  • September 8th – Embracing Change  
  • September 15th – Embracing Your Differences  
  • September 22nd – Embracing Unity 
  • September 29th – Embracing Friendship  
To read week one posts, click on the links to the 6 bloggers websites.  :-)

Sorry that I'm getting this out late...I just read the post this morning and then read all of week one's posts.  I hope you'll be blessed and encouraged!   And for the young single gals like me...we can consider it part of our learning and preparation for our, Lord willing, future marriages.  :-)  And actually, when you look at what the heart of what these ladies are saying, the focus is really to become more Christ-like, and one of the big ways that the Lord sanctifies us is through relationships, whether it be a spouse, siblings, or even a friend.  When developing more Christ-like character is the focus, there's something for all of us to learn from it!  So I hope you find that true of these posts.  :-)  A word of caution for the singles...Shelia Gregoire of ToLoveHonorandVacuum tends to be very frank and open and not as discreet in what she shares, so you may want to be careful there.   Happy reading!

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