Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Randomness :-)

Yesterday Brittany and I went to Lane Southern Orchard to pick up our peaches to can this year.  Two years ago, we had a semi load shipped to Ohio.  How neat it was to actually meet Duke Lane that I worked with two summers ago to get the load up there and to see their operation and facility. 

True education . . . :-)  Titus, actually none of the younger children have ever been to Krispy Kremes and gotten to watch a doughnut being made.  (See how our younger children are missing out Jenese without your family's imput into our daily lives)  :-)   I needed to drop off and then pick up the next day a radiator for Seth, so I sought to make the most of the time with Titus one day and treated him to his first experience of watching the doughnut making process and his first HOT and NOW.  He thought it was great!  Such fun with such a precious little guy!
 The girls and I have been having such fun as we are putting some of our touches into the kitchen and dining room.  I present . . . our kitchen sink area. 


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    1. Awe, thanks Leslie! It takes a little while to decide what we want but we sure had a lot of fun making the curtains and putting up the scripture verse.