Thursday, January 23, 2014

Notes on Seeking God from Genesis 32

Along with beginning a new year some of us have begun a reading plan to read through the Bible this year chronologically.  I am always encouraged reading through Genesis as I see the Lord at work in the lives of His people.  Sometimes it didn't make sense and circumstances even seemed contrary to what He had promised, but because we can see the end of the story we see that God was working all things together to sanctify His people, establish His will in their lives, and use them for His glory as part of His perfect plan.  Just last night as I was digging through a box of we girls' bedroom things (yes, we're still working on finishing up dealing with boxes :-) ) I found some old notes that I had taken a few years ago.  I was really excited, because I had been wanting to re-read them because of my recent Bible reading.  The Lord was so good to provide them when I wasn't even looking for them.  Anyway, I thought I would share these notes with all of you in hopes that it will be an encouragement.  May the difficulties and trials in this life cause us to look to and seek the Lord in greater ways and not make us spiritually stagnant!

Jacob Seeks the Lord in Time of Trouble
~Notes from Genesis 32~

Verse 9 ~ Jacob begins prayer by restating the Lord’s commands.
Verse 10 ~ Jacob verbalizes his unworthiness of the Lord and expresses how the Lord has blessed him.
Verse 11 ~ Jacob seeks the Lord asking for His deliverance and confessing his fears.
Verse 12 ~ Jacob repeats back the promises the Lord has given him.
Verses 13-23 ~ Jacob takes steps preparing to move forward.
Verse 24 ~ Jacob “wrestled” in prayer.
Verse 26 ~ Jacob refuses to move forward without the Lord’s blessing.
Verses 28-29 ~ The Lord blesses Jacob.
Verse 30 ~ Jacob named the place where he had been for the purpose of remembering.
Verse 31 ~ Jacob steps forward in faith.

In verse 7 Jacob was struck with fear.  His fear drove him to seek the Lord in verse 9.  In verse 25 difficulty came to Jacob while “wrestling” in prayer.  This did not hinder Jacob from continued prayer and seeking the Lord’s blessing.  In verse 31 Jacob moves on in faith, trusting that the Lord would be with him even though he now had difficulty in so doing.  He had to pay a price to overcome the threat of not getting God’s blessing.  Jacob could still move forward in faith even with an extra trial because he had received the blessing of the Lord upon him and upon his ways.

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