Thursday, January 23, 2014

Have you decided to follow Jesus, no turning back...even if, no matter what????

200 years ago a revival took places in Whales England.  Many missionaries chose to go to north India , what could only be described as "savage". The tribes were famous for the head hunters that would take their enemies heads and hang them on their walls, and of course Christians were not very welcome.  These Missionaries came and they knew God called them and they continued to share their faith and finally had reached out to one tribe family and they accepted Jesus, and that family became contagious leading others to Jesus and the tribe chief got word of what was happening.

He called a tribe meeting and captured the man and his Wife and 2 kids, told him renounce Jesus or we will kill your children.  The man looked at his children and said "I have decided to Follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back".  The archers drew back their arrows and killed his children in front of him.  His sons lay before him dead and the chief said "renounce Christ or I will kill your Wife".  The man looked at his sons and then his Wife and remembered scripture said to always profess Jesus as Lord, and the man said "Though none go with me still I will follow, no turning back, no turning back" The archers killed his Wife.  With his Wife and sons dead before him, the chief said to him, this time renounce Christ, or you will die.  The man realizing he had nothing left, looked up in heaven and said the last line of the song "The cross before me, the world behind me, no turning back"  the chief gave the order and the archers killed the man....

After killing the man and his family the chief stood speechless and couldn't believe the man gave his family and himself for God and that this Jesus must be real. On the very spot the reports say the chief accepted Jesus as Lord and through the weeks the tribe accepted Jesus, though one man willing to give up everything he had.

~Posted by Breanna

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