Thursday, June 27, 2013

Photo Shoot with Bell :-)

Did a photo shoot with Bell today to get her year picture.
 She's very photogenic. :-)
 I think we decided on this one for her year pic.
 She's our little ray of sunshine!  Always got a smile on her face.
 Had to get a full body shot.  I really like this one.
 In the tree.  (That was her idea. :-) )
She was reading before I grabbed her.  She's a little book worm.  Thought it was only appropriate to capture this aspect of her. :-)


  1. Aw!! She's so pretty! Looks much like some of my little cousins. :D

  2. So beautiful :) Very nice pictures! And yes, she is photogenic :-) Would you mind my asking how old she is? :)

    Looking forward to getting your e-mail!


  3. Thanks girls! I'm glad to see that I'm not just bias about her. ;-) Of course, what little kid isn't cute?
    She is nine years old.
    Bethany, I haven't forgotten about you; I'll be emailing you soon. :-)