Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Neat Poem

This is a really neat poem that a friend shared.  Thought I'd share it here too. :-)

I worship Thee, most gracious God,
 And all Thy ways adore;
 And every day I live, I seem
 To love Thee more and more.
When obstacles and trials seem
 Like prison walls to be,
 I do the little I can do,
 And leave the rest to Thee.
I have no cares, O blessèd Will,
 For all my cares are Thine;
 I live in triumph, Lord, for Thou
 Hast made Thy triumphs mine.
He always wins who sides with God;
 To him no chance is lost;
 God’s will is sweetest to him when
 It triumphs at his cost.
Ill that He blesses is our good,
 And unblest good is ill;
 And all is right that seems most wrong,
 If it be His sweet will.
                            -Fred­er­ick W. Fabe

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