Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Thanksgiving Battery

Of all the things to be thankful for, a BATTERY?

Well. . . kind of.  Here it is the night before Thanksgiving Day.  Everyone is coming to our house for dinner tomorrow.  The girls and I are  preparing food for the next day, setting the tables, finishing up the Wednesday prep list for the big day.  Seth and Tayte were out doing chores and the little ones were already tucked in bed.  

Things were going well.  

And then it happened.  

Here comes all three of the little girls down the steps.  Elizabeth says, "Mommy, Esther swallowed something silver and now her stomach hurts."  Oh dear!  Whatever could she have swallowed.  Long story made short the little stinker had swallowed a button battery.  This was a first time experience for us.  What to do?  

Calm Esther
Google (whatever did we do without it?)

We ended up calling the poison control center or somewhere like that to get some counsel.  Of course the response is always to take them in.  Both Seth and I were praying asking God for wisdom.  It was so strange, Esther's back hurt then it moved to her stomach.  How did this connect with the battery?  We were bewildered.  

Crying out to God for wisdom, we were just about at the point of taking her in.  Things were getting worse and we had no clue how to help her.  Breanna was sitting with her while Seth and I were figuring out if we should take her in.  All of a sudden she sits up, vomits and out comes the battery.  Her stomach quit hurting and she said, "Can I go to bed, I'm tired".  She felt great!  The trial was past.

We spent the rest of the night thanking the Lord and speaking of His goodness to us.  

God is so worthy of our praise, our trust, our all! 
Sometimes it is only in the trials that we realize just how faithful and loving He is to us.  

What a great way to begin this Thanksgiving Day 2012!

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