Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Trip South, Part 3, the final ending

Hello everyone!

It has taken me a while to share everything about our trip, but I will try to wrap it up here.  When you get to see those distant, sweet family members so little, each moment with them is so precious and makes for such treasured memories!

We arrived at our Grandpa and Grandma Alexander's Monday afternoon, the beginning of a wonderful visit!

Dad and Grandpa together. 
They so enjoy being together!
The father/ son relationship is such a precious relationship!

Here's Grandpa holding little Rose.
This was the first visit that they had seen her.
Grandpa thought she was pretty special!

Bell learning how to make Southern Biscuits from the expert, Grandma!
Take my word for it, Grandma Alexander is one good cook!

Introducing...the newest member of the Alexander family- Dixie!

Grandpa was so kind and gave Tayter this Catahoula puppy as a gift.
Catahoula dogs are Grandpa's specialty.  He has raised them for years.
You should see the three foot trophy he has sitting in his living room
from one of the dog trials he went to.
He definitely is very gifted and talented with dogs.  

Here's everyone getting to meet Dixie.
The kids love her!
She is a sweet dog!

A fun game of UNO!
Grandpa, Dad and Tayter especially
had lots of fun picking on each other!
Somehow when you get them all together,
everyone is full of smiles and laughter!
Precious family times!

The kiddos on Grandma's lap watching a movie.
Grandma's always seem to find plenty of room to snuggle everyone in.

All of the guys together with their matching hats.

I just love this picture!  They are definintly father and son!
Take note of the way they both have their hands behind their heads,
kicked back in the chairs, asleep!

Grandma with our little sweetie pie!
I think she captures the heart of anyone who sees her!

Essie, happy as can be, on Grandpa's lap!

Here is our Grandpa and Grandma together!
We love you both so much!
(Aren't they precious :-)

I know this one doesn't have much to do with our trip,
but doesn't that face just melt your heart and put a smile on your face?!
It sure does mine!
Our sweet little pumpkin!

Grandpa, Dad and Tayter all together on the couch.
Can I brag a little bit and say, that I think our
 Alexander guys are reeeaaally neat guys?!!!

Here's everybody with Grandpa. 
"Grandchildren are the crown of the aged,
and the glory of children is their fathers."
Proverbs 17:6

And here is Grandpa with his two sons, Uncle T. and Dad.

Packing up to go...whoops! 
Little Rose was about to ride home in the suit case!

Saying precious good-bye's! 
When you say good-bye, it seems that your love
for each other is greater kindled in your hearts then when you came,
which makes it all the harder to say good-bye.

Can't wait to see you all again!

While finishing, this favorite goodbye song came to my mind.
A little sad, but very precious song.
So much more could be shared from our trip, but
I thought it would be approriate to end with this song.

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  1. loved the pictures of grandma and grandpa Alexander....makes me feel so sad that they are so far away and missing so much