Thursday, April 7, 2011

A trip to Lakes and Rivers with Dad

Sometimes problems can create a little fun. 

There was a problem where Dad works which required him to go inspect some material that had come into Lakes and Rivers Transfer company, which is located in the Chicago area. I was privileged and got to go with him.  

Wait, what is Lakes and Rivers?  Lakes and Rivers is a place that unloads barges, stores the material (stone in this case) and ships it to the consumer by semi trucks. 

How does the stone get to Lakes and Rivers, especially in this case when it started in Russia?  In Russia it is put on a ship, the ship takes it to the ports in Louisiana and it is unloaded into barges then goes up the Mississippi river to the Illinois river and last but not least, to Michigan lake which is where Lakes and Rivers Transfer is located.

What happens at Lakes and Rivers?

First comes the barge. 

Then the Material is unloaded with a crane.

By the way, this bucket will pick up 15 tons!  This picture does not capture how huge it really is.

The Material is then taken to the warehouse by pay-loader.  These are huge too!  Two scoops fill a semi- truck!

When the barge is empty it looks like this.  This is a side view (Note back to the picture of the loaded barge further up and how far down it sinks into the water.  A loaded barge sinks down about 9 ft. )

One barge creates one huge pile of stone!  My little brother and sisters would have a ball!

When the customer needs the material, it is shipped to them by semi-truck .

It was really interesting getting to see what happens at Lakes and Rivers and spending the day with my Dad.


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  1. Wow! Looks really interesting! I'm sure it was fun spending the whole day with your Dad. Nice to see a post from Mr. Tayter! :)