Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Trip South, Part 2

Well... it has taken us a little bit, but here we are back with part two of our trip south! 

We last left off arriving at Uncle T. and Aunt D.'s Saturday night.

Here we are the next day, Sunday...

Aunt D. and Essie looking out the window at the beautiful red cardinal.
They have a lot of beautiful birds that come to their feeders.

And here's one of those pretty red bird's that they were looking at. 

Uncle T. and Aunt D. in the kitchen working on
making breakfast together. 

After everyone got ready and ate breakfast, we left to visit a church about an hour away from there, that we had wanted to visit.

Since we were about an hour early
(due to thinking church started half hour earlier than it actualy did,
and it not taking as long as we thought it would to get there),
we enjoyed the beauty of the area and went for a walk.  

It was a very rural, but very pretty area. 
The bridges and creeks were so peaceful and pleasant
and everything was so quiet.
A wonderful
place to be together as a family!

Admiring the beauty on the bridge together.

Daddy and his little honey Essie walking together. 
What a sweet sight!

(Also, take note of the readness of the dirt,
the typical color in Tennesse.)

This is where the church meets, in a rented pole barn. 
Very simple, but it holds everyone and the fellowship is sweet,
and that is what counts!

Our family, minus Mom who is taking the picture,
 in front of the meeting place.

We so enjoyed visiting that church!  The people were delightful, and the fellowship was encouraging.  It is such a blessing to see a group of people whose heart's desire is to obey the Word of the Lord and to take seriously living according to His commands and will for His people.  It was a refreshing visit!

Then, we headed to our Aunt and Uncle's church, where they were having a special meeting and a fellowship meal afterwards.  They have a nice church, with lots of really sweet and friendly southern folks.  Love the accent there!  Afterwards, we spent the rest of the night together at their place. 

Bell on Uncle T.'s lap sound asleep. 
It had been a long day for the kiddos!

Aunt D. and Ti together,
probably talking about all of those tin containers.
The little one's had so much fun playing with those!

Monday morning...

Dad and Tayter together on the air mattress that
the boys slept on. 
They love to be together!

Britt and little Rose enjoying the morning.

And here's my mamma! 
She's an awsome lady! 
(I really don't think I am that predjiduce either!)
She is doing our traditional morning practice, making and drinking tea!

This is an Uncle T. and Aunt D. marking, for sure! 
They are big fans of Bugs Bunny and John Deere!

I just love this picture!  The look on little Essie's face is so cuite!
I think she was excited about the tall tower she had just built
out of Aunt D.'s tin containers, and that it was still standing!

Mom and Britt in the kitchen talking together!
(A favorite amongst us ladies!)

And here's a favorite amongst the boys... wrestleing, tickleing, and pick-on time!
Oh, what sweet memories they make doing these things!
The delight on those faces are so obvious!

Here's Aunt D., the fantastic morning cook!

Here is the yummy breakfast casserole that she made!

Aunt D. made these cute little sculpey figures.
She can really make that sculpey turn into wonders!

Bell and little Rose on the bed together cuddling!

After spending the morning there, we left and headed on to our Grandpa and Grandma's in Mississippi. 

And that will be the next post!  More later...

- Bree -

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  1. JuneBug came in just as I got to the mug picture and says..."Hey, that has a tractor on it!"