Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 Economics Conference in North Carolina

Earlier this month, our three guys- Dad, Tayter and Ti, went to a conference on Family Economics in North Carolina.  They were so blessed and challenged!  They had many things to share with us!  It gave them some quality time to be together as Daddy and sons, which was a delight!  Since the conference, we no longer are homeschoolers.  We are striving towards having a Family Economy mind-set!  Much like families were viewed and thought of years ago before fathers and mothers were taken out of the home to earn an income and the children sent off to school.  Our desire is not to just homeschool, but to have a family economy for the glory of God! It is always so encouraging to hear biblical teaching and also to get thoughts from and be challenged by other brother's and sister's in Christ, as they share about how God is working in their lives and directing their footsteps.

All of us treasuring those last minutes together before they left.

And off they went, not to return until three days later. 

Although not many pictures were taken, we delighted in the one's that they had taken and brought home!  Unfortunately, Dad is not in any of them, but he was the thoughtful photographer who took all of the delightful pictures!

During one of the lunch breaks, they went to a lovely park
that was not far from where they were staying. 
They were soon surrounded by geese, who were very friendly!

Ti had fun feeding them!

In this picture, you can see that there were many 
different birds visiting that day.

Here is one that was very friendly,
who was intrigued with the camera.
Dad was amazed at how it just came up to him like that!

Last but not least, is our precious Tayter and Ti
together on the bridge.

We were so glad to see all three of our dear guys when they came home! We ladies really missed them, but were glad that they had the opportunity to go and be blessed and challenged!

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