Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top Sheet Idea

Ever wondered what to do when the bottom sheet of your bedding wears out and you are left with a perfectly good top sheet? 

Here's an idea!!

Turn them into crib sheets.

Recently I turned our nice queen size flannel top sheet into a sheet set for little Rose's crib.  Here in the midwest, the winter months are VERY cold and we put our cozy warm flannel sheets on the beds as the nights begn to turn cold.  That is, on everyones bed except the sweet baby's.  She has to be laid down on a cold cotton sheet.  That just is not right!  Since Grandma was so kind and gave us a new set of sheets to replace the old set that Seth and I had wore out over the years, I was left with my gears turning as to what I could do with all of the perfectly good material (ie. the top sheet).  Not only have I never seen a  flannel crib sheet, but only on a rare occassion have I seen a crib sized top sheet.  Thus, little Rose has been toasty warm, as well, in her flannel crib sheet set since the transformation.

Here is what I did:
Cut two rectangles 66" X 43" (remember this is from a queen size top sheet)
Set one rectangle aside.  We will first make the fitted sheet.

On each corner cut out an 8" square

Now it is time to start sewing.

First we need to join the corners together.  Do this by putting right sides together at each corner and sew them together using a 5/8" seam allowance.  This is what will form the fitted corner.  Do this on all four corners.  Be sure to press all of the seams open after sewing. 

Now it is time to put the hem in. All you need to do is iron 1/4" under all the way around your sheet.  Then fold down the 1/4" that you just pressed down another 5/8".  Press this down.  This makes it so that you do not have any raw edges.  For younger sewers you might want to encouage them to pin all the way around the sheet to keep their nicely pressed hem from moving as they sew. 

Before you begin sewing you need to do one thing.  At each corner, measure 8.5" in both directions from the corner seam and put a mark or pin.  Do this on all four corners.  This is what will form the casing for the elastic that you will put in in the next step. 

Now we are ready to sew.  Sew on each side of  your sheet to make that nicely pressed hem permanate.  WHEN YOU GET TO THE MARKING AT THE CORNERS HOWEVER, (the ones we just marked which are 8.5" in both directions from the corner sem)  LEAVE 1 INCH UNSEWN.  This is where you will put elastic in to make the corners fit snuggly around the mattress. 

Now it is time to put the elastic in.  You will need 1 1/4yard of 1/4" elastic.  Cut your elastic in half and then each half in half again.  Now you have four pieces.  Take a safety pin and attach it to one end of your elastic and fish it through one corner.  Leave 1" hanging out on each end.  I like to use a safety pin on both ends to secure until I have it sewn into place securely.  Once you have secured both ends with your pins, now sew the elastic down ( just the ends). Tuck the remaining elastic in the casing and top stitch to close up the 1" opening.  Repeat this on all four corners and there you have it; a beautiful fitted crib sheet!

Let me share with you quickly how to make the top sheet. 

Take your other rectangle and cut only two 8" squares on one long end.  This end will tuck in just as the fitted sheet and you will do exactly as you did to the fitted sheet on this end.

After you cut the two corners you will want to put the hem in on all sides except the top.  Don't forget about putting in the elastic!  Leave a 1" opening on both sides of the corner seams.  Just follow the directions from above.   

The other end is the part of the sheet that will not tuck in and will be what makes the top sheet for your baby to covered up with.  Put a 6" hem on this end.  (1/4" then 6" down)  Now your sweet little one will have a complete sheet set for their crib made of that perfectly good top sheet that has been abandoned by it's counterpart.

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