Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Trip South, part 1

Hello to everyone! 

Saturday, February 5th, we left our home and began our travels southward.  Since it might take us a while to get the whole trip posted, we'll break it up into sections.

On our way to our first destination, our aunt and uncle's in Tennessee!

 Oh traveling always makes you soooooo sleepy. 
Sweet Essie, sound asleep snuggled up with a blankie and Dollie.

Back seat riders enjoying the trip together. 
It's always so fun being together no matter where we are.
What a blessing family is. Each is such a wonderful gift.

 Before we left home, the most beautiful snow began falling from the heavens.  It was so breath taking!  A most perfect winter day.  It was hard to leave it all knowing there wouldn't be any of this northern beauty where we were going.  But once we were on the road, it didn't take long to recognize that this beautiful snow was creating a bit of a challenge.  In fact, the roads got so bad and the snow was coming down so fast, that we considered (at least mom was) just pulling off at an exit and waiting for a while.  We were amazed at the amount of cars in the ditch and the emergency vehicles!  Unfortunately, we saw few snow plows.

However, fearlless Daddy felt it best to keep going, so on we went.  His driving skills are so amazing to us ladies.  He said that we were headed in the right direction for the weather and roads to get better.  Sure enough, he was very right! 

You can see the ice on the windshield and the snow.  The Lord's hand was definitely with us!  He is so faithful and very merciful!  He is our Protector at all times!  God Almighty, whose watchful eye always sees everything!

After all that snow, everything was so pretty!  The trees were covered in the fresh snow! 

A beautiful picture of a passing barn covered in snow!

The beauty of the snow often reminds of the passage in Scripture that says
"...though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow..."
May we always be reminded of how wretched we are, and how wondrous He is!

#1 Driver of the Year!
Now that we were getting more south, you can see the weather was a little more favorable and Daddy is able to enjoy a cup of coffee as he drives.  Believe me he deserved it.  My hands were sweaty just riding, I cannot imagine being the one driving. 


A little road treat!
Yum, yum!  You can't get much better than Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!
(Except if you get the Hot & Nows:-)

Our precious Little Rose!  She was such a good girl during the whole trip!  I think she looks sleepy in this picture, but I suppose that often everyone feels that way when you're travelling!

She gave in and fell asleep!

Tired Bell and Essie joined Little Rose in sleeping!
So precious to see those two bonding together as sisters and friends!

Britt reading a story to Ti.  Looks like it was intreguing!
She is a good big sister and Ti looks up to her, especially since she is his teacher for school.

What a pumpkin, and so onery!
Life would be so dull without that sweet little one!

Our little toothless Bell posing beautifully! 
She is a sweet heart!
She doesn't always feel very well when traveling,
but she was a real trooper and kept a great attitude!

Britt using the time productively, crocheting a doily.

This is not the best quality photo, but so precious! Father and son together, spending time sharing dreams, talking about life's happenings, and discussing spiritual topics and Dad sharing his priceless words of wisdom and advice. 
"You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise."
...and when you're driving down the road!  What a blessing!

We arrived safely at Uncle T. and Aunt D.'s that evening and enjoyed a precious evening together with them. 

Uncle T., Dad's brother, visiting with the little one's and Tayter.
They all love Uncle T.!

Aunt D. and Britt cleaning up the kitchen together! 
Kitchen clean-up time always is such fun together as a group
 and lends its self to delightful fellowship!

Mama and little Rose enjoying each other!
Little Rose was probably thinking...
"At last!  Out of that vehicle and into Mamma's arms!
Life couldn't be better!"
Mama and baby together is such a precious thing!

   Bell and Essie cuddled up in Uncle T.'s lap!

After a long day, everyone was very tired and ready for bed...

Bell and Essie all snuggled up together fast asleep.
They love to sleep cuddled up next to someone!

He had a cuddle buddy too after Tayter went to bed!

The end of a enjoyable, but long day spent together as a family and with loved ones in the evening!  Being together with family is a delight!  The memories made, the conversations, the adventures... such sweetness!  We are so blessed!

Well, that's all for now!  Next time, we'll post about the rest of our enjoyable visit with Uncle T. and Aunt D. and then more will be coming!


  1. I love the toothless picture of Belle. She looks very sweet. :)

  2. Looks like great memories were made!