Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Precious Visitors!

Saturday we were so blessed to be able to enjoy a short but very sweet visit with Tayte, Martha and our precious little niece Alexandria.  We treasured just being able to wrap our arms around all three of them and enjoy watching how much our little sweetie pie has grown and changed!

Catching up and adoring the babies in the living room

Big brother was tickled to get to see his littlest brother
that he hadn't gotten to see since Benjamin was 1 month old

Benjamin fully approved and decided he liked his biggest brother. :-)
He doesn't know this yet too well, but his big brother can be lots of fun! :-)

And here's our little ray of sunshine!  She's 10 months old now.  What a precious little doll she is!  Big smiles and big personality! Grandma and she had a lot of fun together and Grandma's eyes are sparkling with delight. :-)

It was so fun to watch Benjamin and Alexandria together!
Mom described it that size wise,
Benjamin is like the football player and Alexandria is like the cheerleader. :-)

Zandry, as Tayte and Martha call her, thought that since Uncle Benjamin seemed to think that pacifier was so good, surely he would be good enough to let her have a taste too! She gently put her hands on it and he gently released it so she could pull it out.  It was so cute!  But we did stop her before she got any further. :-)

As you can see, Alexandria had next to no attention. :-) The girls had so much fun with her!

Snuggles for Aunt Sarah and fun with Aunt Esther 

Grandpa and Granddaughter sharing some cheese.  They had fun together.
  I don't think Grandpa could get quite enough of her though and would have kept her much longer!

Martha's smile says it all here.
She totally loves babies and was so thrilled to get to hold our little guy.
He seemed to like her too. :-)

 Those two...makes me smile all over again just seeing this picture.
I love the look on Tayte's Tayte!
He was quite fascinated with Benjamin's singing toy that's mouth opens
 and Martha seemed to delight in his enjoyment of it.  :-)

It was great that they let Alexandria eat pretty much anything now, because it was a perfect way to win her over! :-)  Ice cream, cool whip, oreo cookies and chocolate syrup.  It worked really well. :-)

Tayte showing us a video that he took at his work place of part of what he does.
He's an Alexander guy through and through- a very hard worker!

 Oh Aunt Bree didn't want to let go!
That big hug was very very treasured.  I just wish they didn't have to get big so quickly.

Benjamin took a definite liking to Tayte and before they left he kept leaning back for Tayte again and again.
I think it melted big brother's heart. :-)

Tayte picked Sarah up and put her on his lap when he was telling her goodbye.

 And then there's these two...LOL!  Tayte was determined to put Titus up to the ceiling, but each time we see them Titus gets bigger and bigger and Tayte decided to make it the last time he did it.  After a few attempts, he did get him up there. Titus drank up every second of it! I love their faces, so full of life.  Brother's are the best! 

A quick shot of our four amazing Alexander men.
They for sure couldn't deny that they are related!

We were never able to get a good picture of the three of them, 
but we're thankful for the ones we did get anyways.
Love the smiles on Martha and Alexandria's faces!

And there's little sweetie's finger!  Her and that finger!  She has a "thing" with pointing.  :-) 
 Made us laugh!

We love and miss you all tons!


  1. After looking for your blog it has been good to finally see what you all have been up too! Congratulations on the new members of your family! It is so weird to think of Tayte as married with a sweet little girl. I miss you and love you all!
    God bless!
    Bugsbee (Anna use to be a Bump)

    1. Anna!!! It is so great to hear from you! I hear you are now a Mrs.!!! We are so very happy for you! Congratulations! I'm sure he's a great guy to get such a precious lady for his wife. :-) I'd so love to hear your story and how you are doing sometime. We sure you miss you! Please give our love to your family. I hope you all are doing well.
      Sending a big hug your way!