Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New adventures

Brittany was able to travel with a dear family friend, who is like a little brother to her, back to Ohio to help Grandma travel down to Georgia to come see us.  :-)  (15 hours is a long ways for my mom to travel by herself.)  This was the first time Brittany had ever rode a bus or traveled so far away without any of us.  We were thankful for Tim being willing to be her traveling companion.  What a mix of emotion as we took her to meet the bus.
A bit fuzzy and not a good pic of Es but the love of each of Brittany's siblings for her is so precious.  She puts so much into each of them, it was so sweet to see the notes and little things that each one did for her.  They all love their big sister A LOT!  How special it is to be apart of a family and be surrounded by so much love.  

They had to switch buses in Cleveland and there were only a hand full of them going on to Indiana.  It was so neat though because one of the other young men from Hicksville got on that bus from a different bus.  It was a neat experience and Brittany said it was a comfortable environment.  Pioneer Trials is a Mennonite family owned company and draws a lot of Amish and older people.  A great way to travel down south or to the Midwest.   

Grandma was there to pick up Brittany with a huge smile and lots of delight to see her oldest granddaughter.  :-)
I asked Brittany if it felt like she was home; being back in Ohio.  She said that Ohio will always be special to her.  It is so beautiful.  
But she still says she can't wait to get home and be back with her family.  We can't wait to have her back home too!  We miss her!!!  And an added bonus is that she is bringing Grandma with her.  We can't wait to see her too.  We have not seen her since the beginning of November.  It has been too long. Lord willing, they will pull in tomorrow evening and the adventure of life will continue on as we enjoy having Brittany back home and enjoy Grandma for a month or so.  
We have so very much to be grateful for.  May we never cease to recognize all the little and big things in life that we should be grateful for and thank the Lord for His goodness to us.  
Counting our many blessings,


  1. Such a precious picture of Brittany and all 'the kids' ;) ! She is such a beautiful woman of God and a great blessing. So glad Grandma B. got to come down! Hope y'all are having a blessed and special visit. Much love and missings to each of you.

    Love, Adeline

  2. What a sweet blessing to see your comment this morning Adeline. We are so thankful for this special time with having my mom here. And I fully concur with your thought on Brittany,:-) but also think the same is very true of you. We are so thankful for the many ways that your family has touched our lives. I think of your family often as I see so many precious character qualities in Martha that I know have come from her up bringing. She is a jewel and we are so thankful for the wonderful wife that she is to Tayte. May the Lord's blessings be upon you Adeline!
    With much love, ~Karen