Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Strength to Answer God's Call

I was reading an article this morning by Tricia Goyer and was very blessed by certain aspects of it.  I didn't care for everything in the article, but the overall message of the article was very good.  Those "aspects" I thought I would share with you all, bits and pieces from the article, to hopefully be an encouragement to some of you as well.  :-) ~Breanna

There is a myth today that says we must get our life organized and in order before we follow God’s call.  How can we give from a empty well? How can we spare what we don’t have: whether it be time, money or energy? 

Yet God’s call never waits for us to unclutter our lives. In fact, He usually calls us when we have nothing to spare. Why?

When we don’t have anything to give, we look to the Giver.
When we have no time, we must readjust our priorities and set things according to God’s schedule.
When we feel foolish and inadequate, we’ll look to God’s wisdom.
When we feel wrung out, we’ll look to His strength.
And in the midst of following Him, we’ll find Him.

And what have I discovered?

More time? (Not really.)
More energy? (I wish!)

Instead, I’ve discovered that when I do God’s work He takes care of mine 

There are many things that can occupy our time—there always will be. There are good things that we can devote our lives to, but the most important things are the God things.

When you do decide to step out your schedule won’t automatically clear, it never does. Instead, God will show up. He will give you extra wisdom, energy, resources and strength. But mostly He will give you Himself! And when you have Him, you have everything.
And when you give others the knowledge of Him, they can have Him, too.
And when lives around you are transformed, all the stuff you were busy with doesn’t seem as important any more.

And God is glorified, because it’ll be clear to everyone that it’s Him doing the work!
 ~Tricia Goyer

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