Monday, February 2, 2015

4 Part Sermon Series on Faith by Paul Washer

The last few Sundays our family has been listening to this sermon series on Faith by Paul Washer.  We've been very blessed and challenged by them!  Very convicting and inspiring!  So worth taking the time to listen to if you can! :-)  The links take you to where you can chose to either play the messages online or download the mp3's. 

In order to believe the thing spoken, you must understand or know the character of the one who has promised it.  Faith is all about knowing what God has said and knowing who God is.  
~Paul Washer, It Comes Down To Faith sermon

It Comes Down To Faith- Part 1

God is a Rewarder of Those who Seek Him- Part 2

Faith Obeys- Part 3

Childlike Faith- Part 4

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