Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanking God today for....

 Thanking God today for...
...the bountiful supply that He has given us.  
Our needs are always met and overflowing!  God is so good! We always enjoy looking over the table and seeing the many things that were either grown or produced from our home, all things that truly are only because of the grace and faithfulness of the Lord! 

 ...Each and every person around this table (including sweet Mom who is taking the picture)!
What a precious gift family is, and that God would chose to put us all together.

...Some of the things that remind us of special friends and their love and friendship that we are so blessed to have in our lives.

...the fun things that you do as a family that make you smile!  :-)  Tayte especially was really wanting to shoot guns, so off they went to get some clay pigeons and a sling. :-)

 ...this little gal that is getting bigger every day!  She was having fun shooting the bb gun, in case you were wondering. :-)
 ...three of the most awesome guys I know!  (And Tayte's amazing other half :-)!)
Love each one of them so much!

 ...the gift of having such a devoted and loving mother, whose steadfastness and diligence to the Lord has taught her children more than imaginable.  Wonder if anyone hit that clay pigeon???? 

 ...for a dad that constantly, steadfastly, diligently and selflessly loves and cares for his family with undiminished fervor and strength.  A man who seeks God earnestly and strives to uphold the truth.  We thank God for his leadership and love!

 ...this precious, energetic gal whose smiles make our hearts warm so often!  She got quite the thrill out of getting to shoot, with Daddy's help, of course. :-)

 ...each of these precious people that bring joy to each day! The many personalities and the special uniqueness of each one adds a special spice to life to make-up the beauty of being a family.

 ...amazing parents that love each other more the older they get!  I love seeing the twinkle in their eyes when they look at each other!  They model Christ and the church in such a beautiful way.  I feel so blessed to have the privilege of watching their example every day!

 ...these gals right here, their love and words can describe how thankful I am for them!  

 ...the fun of just being together!   Yep, even if all four of us gals never hit a single clay pigeon.  Not a one.  The guys thought we amazing the right word????  :-)

 ...sisters!!!!  Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters! ;-)

 ...the blessing to be able to enjoy doing an Alexander favorite- chilaxin' with a movie, everybody snuggled up on the couches! :-)  It was a new movie and no one thought it was the best movie ever, but that wasn't what mattered.  It was being together, all of us cuddled up to each other, that's what made it the best!

...this precious couple, the Jr. Alexander family.  :-)  What a delight it has been to have Martha become part of our family and to watch Tayte and Martha begin a home together.  They are both so so precious!  We were so glad to have them with us tonight!

...And I could keep going of things that we are thankful for, but that gets some of the highlights for today. :-)  Without the mercy of the Lord, none of this would be possible and existing.  It is only His mercy and grace, His faithfulness that is new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness! 

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