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An Uncommon Love: Lisa and Matthew Jacobson's love story- a story of encouragement and the faithfulness of God

An Uncommon Love - How We Met and Decided to Marry in Six Days

I don't know about you, but I love reading stories about how God miraculously brings two unique people together as one in marriage.  Because really, it truly is a miracle.  I was...well, let's just say more than a little excited when two of my favorite blog writers announced that they were going to be sharing their love story!  Yay!  Well, the anticipation has been tortuous waiting each week as they post another piece to their story each Wednesday, going back and forth between them, bringing their readers along for the ride as they share what they were thinking, learning, and going through with God directing each step in amazing ways to bring them together.  Truly a precious and amazing story!  I have been so blessed by reading their blogs and it is sooo obvious that they are still in love with each other after all these years!  They were both a little older when they married, a testimony to us young people to wait on God for His best!  It's worth waiting for, as Matthew and Lisa Jacobson so beautifully describe in their story.  God works in amazing ways!  So, without further introduction...below is the introduction to their story and the links to the first 7 chapters and I'm joining you in on the anticipation of waiting for chapter 8 to be posted on Wednesday!  :-)  Hope you enjoy! ~Breanna

An Uncommon Love: How We Met and Decided to Marry in Six Days

Matthew and I have shared our story many times over the years.  

Late into the evening with old friends. Over a cup of coffee with new friends.  At a Valentine’s Banquet. With singles who needed encouragement. With couples who could use a good laugh. And with our son’s college friends across the country.

We always tell our story together—him and me.

I think it’s mostly because he doesn’t really tell it right. He gets people to take his side in the story, but that’s just not fair. So I have to get my word in there too (and I’m already counting on you to take my part in this, okay?). I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression!

Maybe it’s not all that unusual of a story.

Single girl meets single guy.
Starts with a letter.
Ends with a kiss.
Just another love story.
Except maybe for the part where we decided to marry six days after we met.
And that we’ve been loving each other ever since.
Maybe that’s not quite so typical.

An Uncommon Love - A True Life Love Story by Matthew and Lisa Jacobson

An Uncommon Love.

Yeah, that’s what he called it. And I always liked the way that sounded.  So that’s what I’ve called it too.
And that’s the story we’re going to be sharing over the next few weeks.  Him and me.

About how we knew we wanted to get married only six days after our first date.

And how before that, I declared that I wouldn’t go out with him “If he was the last man on earth”. Yet somehow ended up in his arms in the end.

It’s a  story about an ordinary guy and an ordinary girl.  A story about falling in love.
About insecurities, miscommunications, self-doubts, wonder and a kiss.
Two people looking for love and waiting on God.
In true life.
 An Uncommon Love - Matthew and Lisa Jacobson

*Chapter One: If He Was the Last Man On Earth

*Chapter Two: Where Is She? Searching for My Forever Girl

*Chapter Three: What Happens When Mr. Right Walks Into the Room

*Chapter Four: What A Smile Can Say to Him

*Chapter Five: The Best Answer If You’re Ever Invited on An Adventure

*Chapter Six: The Night I Fell In Love

*Chapter Seven: 1,000 Ways to Win Her Heart

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