Monday, August 25, 2014

~ Set the Date Dinner Party ~

After bringing to completion everything necessary, we were thrilled to have a special dinner with the Morton family on Friday to "Set the Date" for Tayte and Martha's wedding!  It was a precious evening full of excitement.  Everyone is feeling so very blessed right now.  May the Lord bless these two as they come together!
Mom planned a special table setting for the evening,
complete with roses and chocolate.
"Set the Date" napkin rings made by Mom.
We enjoyed lots of talking during our meal around a nicely full table.
After dinner we started talking about possible dates.
Gathered back together after some discussion.
Praying for the Lord to give clear direction.
It was so amazing.  After praying as a group, and more discussion,
the parents talked separately and came back with the same date.
The Lord is so good to guide!
Mom had prepared a special banner to write the decided date on.
Here Tayte and Martha are filling in the date.
And here it is!  October 25th!
And here is a very happy couple!
So excited their date is set!

Precious, beautiful Martha.
We have grown more and more fond of her over the past year,
and more and more thankful for the Lord providing Tayte with such a jewel.
Martha's engagement ring.
Photo credit to Adeline.  She has a real gift with photography.
 We made a special cake for the evening.
Photo credit to Adeline.

 Before cutting the cake we asked for a picture of the couple with their cake.
Tayte, being the ice cream lover he is, grabbed it first; funny boy. :-)
And here they are with their cake.
Very happy!
So precious.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially Tayte and Martha.
They are so thrilled to have their wedding date set
and are anxiously looking forward to it!
Now everyone is busy planning for the special day.

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