Thursday, August 14, 2014

Exciting Moments in Ohio

While in Ohio, getting the remains of our things that we could not take in our last trip last summer while moving, attending one of our precious friends wedding, Seth completing some work and visiting with Grandma and others, our little Esther began learning to ride her two wheel bike.

Sarah Morton is now Mrs. Jonathan Manring!
Their wedding was simply elegant and so focused upon the truth that marriage is truly a covenant relationship ordained by God.   What a blessing to be able to attend one of our dearest family friends youngest and last daughter's wedding and to be able to see so many of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  I can not begin to tell you the joy of that special evening.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Manring!  Our deepest love and blessings to you both!
A sweet friend, and another special friend's new baby.
It was so precious to get to talk with you again, Anna!

Saturday Seth and the children loaded up the remainder of our items that our sweet neighbors had allowed us to store at their houses.  They so enjoyed getting to see our old neighbors and the folks that bought our old house.  Mom and I went to Fort Wayne grocery shopping and had a special time together.  :-)

Sunday we worshiped with our dear brothers and sisters of Keefer Creek, where we use to attend before we moved.  Oh, how precious that was.  Pastor Lederman is preaching through the book of Romans currently and was in the sixth chapter verse 13.  His exhortation to not yield our members to unrighteousness was a powerful and needed message.  It is so easy to make soft choices and not even realize how we are yielding our members to unrighteousness.  The love and warmth that we received from everyone was so touching to us.  We so love these people!  Elizabeth also got to see her super special friend Mr. Donald.  He is one of the residents of the nursing home where the church meets weekly.  I think he was as thrilled to see her as she was him.  We were just so blessed in every way!

Sunday evening we were so blessed to have been invited to join our precious Amish friends for supper and their evening service of singing.  Our old neighbors were truly the best we have ever had.  Even though we are not Amish they embraced us from the very moment that we moved in and even though we have moved away they continue to pour so much love out to us.  We were invited to dinner, received an angel food cake and the most delicious cinnamon rolls that ever a soul has made!  We so do not deserve all the love that people give to us.
Saturday evening chatting at the road.  The joys of rural northwest Ohio. :-)

Monday was a super special day as we got to spend the entire day with my brother and his awesome family!  I have the BEST big brother in the whole wide world!  He is the neatest guy one could ever meet!  The little children had such a great time playing with their cousins.  My sister-in-law of course must be a special lady because she is married to my brother.  :-)  Sonya is an incredible woman.  She inspires us so much!   We really enjoyed catching up and being spurred on in the area of discipline in our own lives.  It was such a special time catching up with Alli and Nick.  So many sweet memories shared over the years.  We are just so blessed!
Dad and Uncle Merrill grilling.
Lots of things for all us ladies to talk about!
Such precious times ~ you really miss them afterwards.

Brittany getting in some cuddle time with Katie.  Such a sweetheart!

All the little girlies playing dress-up. :-)
Sitting around talking, laughing, and catching up.
Precious time.  Miss you all so much already!
Bell and Katie Bell
These two have really enjoyed corresponding since our move.
Hayden, Nick, and Ti, riding fourwheelers
which Titus thoroughly enjoyed!
Nick, you're growing up into such a precious young man. :-)
Love listening to the guys tell stories and seeing them laugh. :-)
These two have been friends for a long time!
 Sarah, Dani, and Esther
Three sweet little cousins
that were glad to get to spend some time together again!
Bree, Alli, and Britt
It was sure nice to be together again!
Loved all the talk time with you, Alli, and hearing about
what your up to and planning on being up to.
This picture always makes me miss you.

Tuesday we spent the day at Grammy's helping her do some things that needed done outside.  What a fun day!  We cut her pampas grass, weeded all the flower beds, purchased flowers and planted them in the various different places, sucked all the the leaves out of her flower beds and just truly had an awesome time.
We stayed at my mom's house and I assure you she showed us so much patience and love.  She lives by herself and to have eight people ages forty six to three is quite a change for eight days.  Only a deep and great love could possibly had gotten her through our evasion.  She spoils us soooooo much!  We love you Grammy!!   Thank you for being such an extraordinary and loving person!  We are so blessed that God gave you to be my mom / our grandma! 

There were three things that we were hoping to do after getting to see all the special people that God has placed in our lives.  They were: 1.  have pizza from Hometown pizza (the best pizza around) 2.  Go to our favorite thrift store in Bryan ( you get to fill a whole bag for only $9.99)  and 3.  Go to the thrift store in Hicksville ( they have awesome prices and we always find things at both of these thrift stores.  Well  Wednesday, Breanna had made plans with their old piano teacher to meet for coffee, oh was this a blessing.  It was so good catching up with her and being so spiritually encouraged by her.  She was and is such a blessing in our family's life!
 Love you Connie and thank you for taking time to meet with us.
After we left the coffee shop . . .  we got to go to our favorite thrift store in Bryan, our bag was overflowing! :-)  Then we visited one of our most precious Amish friends that we used to be so close to.  That was such a special time!  One final stop for the day before heading back to Grammy's, who kept the younger ones at home with her while the older girls and I were out.  We made a quick stop at our favorite thrift store in Hicksville and were blessed again to find many items.  We had two bags and our bill was $15.  All their blue tags were even half off so a lot of the items were only 50 or 65 cents.  We have got to keep looking for thrift stores like these in Georgia.  :-)

Oh and just for the record, we had Hometown pizza on Saturday night!  It was awesome, as expected!!!

My precious hard working husband was working Tuesday and Wednesday in Bryan for his old company then he and Brittany took off at 4 in the morning Thursday to go to their Dover, Ohio plant to finish up the work that he needed to do. 
True Ohio Beauty ~ Farming at Sunset
Took this picture on our way back to Grandma's Thursday evening.
So sad I didn't think to take any while we were working,
as it really was a special time that I enjoyed getting to spend with Dad.
This picture was taken with Tayte especially in mind. :-)

Thursday night our two little cousins spent the night at Grandma's with us.   Wow, was that a full room!  But the kids had so much fun. :-)  Friday morning we said goodbye.  So hard, we always have to think about the next time we'll see each other, which usually isn't too long thanks to Grandma who braves the trip so often down to see us. :-)
We had to make a stop in Shipshewanna, Indiana at our old bulk supply store.  It was great to get stocked back up on things!
Then it was on to our other Grandma's house to see Dad's side of the family.  It was very sweet getting to see everyone again, except for a couple of our cousins who couldn't make it who we missed.  Dinner was awesome.  Grandma prepared some wonderful dishes that Mom got recipes for that evening, and our Aunt made her fantastic pasta salad.  The rest of the day was spent in fellowship; again catching up on everything and sharing new things and stories.  It was precious time that we were so grateful for.
 Grandma with Aunt Serena, Dad, and Aunt Tonja
Three of her four kiddos.
 Sarah singing a song for Grandma.
Such special time :-)
I love Grandma's smile here, like she's drinking in the moment.
Closing down the evening
We girls and Zariah, our cousin Kayla's little girl.
The little girls had so much fun together.
Ti and Grandpa  :-)
Grandma with all the little kiddos  :-)

We spent Friday night at Grandma's house and then took off early, or as early as these Alexanders could do :-), Saturday morning to head back home.  We got to spend some extra time with our Aunt Serena as she rode with us until we got to Kentucky.  We then got to see all of her children, some of whom we hadn't seen in years.  We took a nice little break talking with everyone for a while before taking off again.  Then it was home, sweet home.

We were so blessed to get to see everyone that we did and to do all the things we did.  The Lord was very good to make provision for everything to come together the way it did.  And we were very glad to see Tayte when we got home, who we missed very much while gone. :-)  We are already looking forward to when we can make a visit back to Ohio again. 

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