Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

After years of longing for another baby, feeling our family was not complete but resigning to the fact that it must not have been God's will for Seth and I to have any more children . . .   

Imagine our surprise to one day learn that I was expecting again after eight years!  

Well . . . how time flies.  That precious little girl has now turned my favorite number . . . 10!
What an absolute joy this young lady is to our family.  
It seems so unreal that she could possibly be ten though. 

It was such a special birthday, as her Grandma was here from Ohio to help bring her into double digits.
Everything is always special when Grandma and Annabelle (Grammy's dog) are around.  :-)
Birthday's are kind of a big deal around our house.  The birthday person gets to chose all three meals of the day and we try to spend the day doing special and fun things with them.
Elizabeth menu for the day:
Scones with fresh strawberries and whip cream
Poached eggs
Potato Soup 
Bread sticks
Chicken Club Pizza
Steamed Broccoli

We surprised her with a special tea party in the afternoon, that was so special.
Elizabeth is such a joy to do anything for because she is always appreciates every little thing.  She has a very grateful, sweet spirit!

 We went around the table and shared with her in what ways she was so special to us and then Breanna read an encouraging word to her from Keep a Quiet Heart, exhorting her in her walk with the Lord.  What a blessing to have older sisters!  Both Brittany and Breanna mean the world to her.  They invest so much into her.  She is truly one loved little lady! 
Through out the day we let her open her gifts.
Seth resurrected an old computer that still had XP on it so that she could enjoy a writing program that we bought for her.  Daddy surprised her though with a special story that he had written just for her about a horse.  Oh was she delighted!
Many special moments and gifts from everyone.  Titus spent his own money and bought her a flashlight!  She was thrilled!!!
It is always so special getting cards and gifts in the mail too from Grandparents and friends!!
The evening was extra special too as Tayte went and picked up Martha to join us for the evening.  They all had such fun searching for the huge bag of candy that Tayte and Martha hid and then had to follow their map to find it.  We then did water balloon toss and then finished the day off around a camp fire singing songs and praying.  What a special day for a special little lady!

Happy Birthday our little joy!  We love you SO much!!!  May you continue to grow and serve the Lord with all of your heart, soul, strength and mind!

I still can not believe she is 10!!! :-)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day of celebrating! She's a beautiful young lady!