Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Creating Order by Faithfulness in the Little Things

"If we are trying to work out our own prideful agendas, we will be frustrated and will fall. However, we can create order by being submissive stewards of the work God is doing in the world. If we do that, we are working out the order He already possesses and is already exercising, then control no longer weighs heavy on our shoulders. Additionally, we can also leave the outcomes in His hand and focus on the present process (practicing faithfulness) rather than on our successes or failures. Faithfulness doesn’t imply large, impressive deeds. Faithfulness is all about doing what’s in front of you – your own duty, however humble that is – reliably and earnestly. Faithfulness does not evaluate how a duty ranks in the public eye or whether or not the duty will earn credit; faithfulness steadily fulfills its calling."Rejoicing in Repetition: In Housework by Mystie Winckler


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