Friday, December 6, 2013

Precious Blessings of Singing

Music is a powerful thing.  A precious brother and sister in the Lord, Thomas and Emily Smith; invited us to spend a weekend with them and go to their church with them a month or so ago.  What a blessing our time with them was; from the fellowship at their home, to visiting church with them.

Our family has always really enjoyed singing Psalms using the Psalter.  We have spent several years memorizing Psalm 119 using Susie Kimball's excellent arrangement that she did.   We have enjoyed Steve Green's scripture songs and learning many hymns over the years. 

As much as we have enjoyed singing God's Word through various ways, a few years ago we began to compromise in the music that we allowed to come into our home.  We thought we were being careful of content but when you hear your precious little ones singing lyrics to "clean" secular music, it does something to a parents heart.

The Lord gently continued to convict our hearts and also brought in some precious brothers and sisters that He also used to cause us to further be pricked in our hearts about the choices that we were allowing in our home.

How grateful we were when Uncle Thomas and Aunt Emily shared a CD of the scripture songs that they sing at their church.  For us, it was the concept of putting off and putting on.  We decided to put off the music that we had allowed to slowly creep in and put on singing the Word of God.

I can not tell you how blessed we are each time we hear little Sarah or Esther singing "wisdom is the principle thing" .  Pastor Lederman encouraged us several years ago to set a watch in areas that we are prone to fall in.  So we are seeking to learn a new scripture song each week as a family and I am using the songs as part of our schooling each week in the way of handwriting.  Then at the end of the week I am going to record the children and shared them on the blog as a little encouragement to the children and also as a bit of accountability for me. 

Hope you are encouraged by these sweet voices.  :-)

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