Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Ways Are Not Your Ways

I was reminded of this song while talking with a dear friend tonight.  A precious elder of ours shared this several years ago with us and it has since been a family favorite. 

::My Ways Are Not Your Ways::
1) Oft the way to the goal seems so weary and long,
Trials almost take away my song;
Then we sigh and we cry and we ask,
‘Father why does this life my wishes all deny?’

My ways, my child, are not your ways,
My thoughts are higher than thine.
Let me lead you each step of this long weary day,
Let me clasp thy trembling hand in mine.
2) It is my hearts desire to do His blessed will,
And to serve my Master every day;
But when things all go wrong and the world doubts me still,
Then, oh Lord, I can-not understand.
3) So I’ll leave all to  Him, He has promised to share
All my load and ev’ry care to bear.
There is joy in my heart and on my lips a song,
Even tho’, Lord, I don’t understand.

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