Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inspiring Quotes on Homemaking


“Homemaking is not simply housework.  Housework is keeping a house clean; homemaking is creating a pleasant home for one’s family.  The aim and greatest reward of real homemaking is a happy, contented family.” 

 A cheerful homemaker creates a cheerful home for her family.  A complaining housewife produces such a dismal atmosphere that her family may spend as little time as possible at home. 

 Homemaking need never be tiresome.  On the contrary, it can be the most satisfactory of all careers because it is so creative.  A homemaker uses her skills not only to keep the house clean but to make it beautiful. 

 All the activities of civilization revolve around the home and the homemaker’s job is the most important one in the world. 

 ~ All quotes quoted from an entry titled “Homemaking” by Ida Bailey Allen

 ~Posted By Breanna

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