Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday Tayte!!!!

Our sweet and wonderful fella turned 18 this month!  It's so hard to believe he's already 18!  And what a fine young man he's become...in my person opinion that is.  :-)  Just today I was so blessed as he had some running to do and let me come with him and we spent time talking together and he even took me out for lunch for the very first time ever!  It was such a precious time...special memories that I will not easily forget! It has been such a joy to watch him turn into the godly, responsible, pleasant and cheerful young man that he is!  I pray the Lord will continue to guide him and make him even more wonderful than he is now!  Okay, I'll stop bragging and share the pics from his birthday!  :-)

We did a surprise birthday party for him, or at least it was supposed to be.  He accidentally became away of it the morning of his birthday.  So hard to keep secrets around here!  Anyways, we were able to sneak him away from work for the evening and had a dear family over from church to celebrate with us.  We had just gotten a beautiful big new table that the Lord blessed us with and it was perfect for having company!  We fit two families around it!  Yay!  Here's the gang...

Embarrassing Tayte singing happy birthday to him! :-)  Love his smile!

He is a true country boy...loves his meat and potatoes!  lol!  The corn, rolls and root beer were an excellent compliment.  :-) 

After supper and dessert we had a wonderful time in the Word together and then retired to the living room for a great time of playing fun games together! 

Playing occupation...

Playing 4 on a couch here, only this particular couch seems a little crowded! It makes for the best times!  These dear folks from church are such blessings to us and so sweet!  What a delight it was to share this special day of celebrating the 18 years of our sweetie with them!

And here are just some random pics taken this week of him.  He's been so busy at work lately, which we are thankful for, but we cherish every minute with him when he's home!

Ti and Bell enjoying big brother!

Tayte and Mom doing what everyone enjoys doing with Mom...
enjoying the bestest of conversations!  :-)

And here he is again...wondering why on earth I keep taking pictures of him!  
Love this guy sooo much!

And thus he begins another year of life.  So much has happened in this past year, so many changes in him...I wonder what the Lord has for him in this year?   I am excited to see how the Lord uses this young man for His glory and works in his life for good according to His good and perfect will!  

~Posted by his adoring sis...Bree


  1. Happy Birthday Tayte...Was so good to see pictures of the family too. Miss hearing about your life's experiences. Hope all is well with everyone. Ruth

  2. Happy birthday, Tayte! May you seek to walk closer to God in the coming years, and may His hand be upon you as you seek His face.

    God bless you, my friend!

  3. Happy Birthday Tayte! May you seek God and his ways as you grow older. :D

    God Bless!

    (yeah, I had guessed who was writing the post while reading the first paragraph) ;)