Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Man Doesn't Want That?

I was so blessed when I read this post by the husband of a favorite blogger of mine, Matt and Lisa Jacobson.  I've been following Miss Lisa's blog for quite some time now and am always so blessed and challenged by her godly example and advice for women seeking to obey the Word of God in how He calls us to love our families.  When I am feeling like I need encouragement in my role as a lady and in loving my family, I go to her blog!  Just today I came across her husband, Matthew's, blog and was totally blessed again!  I have heard teaching after teaching encouraging men to, more or less, neglect their families in the name of serving the Lord.  Mr. Jacobson totally debunked that and gave Scriptural reasons why. 
Pilot copy
He was a dynamic missionary married to a truly beautiful woman – temperature-inducing, some might say.

And he was definitely “on fire” . . . but not for her.

He had “higher” spiritual priorities. Flying around in a hotshot bush plane, spreading the Gospel with unmatched zeal, he was the envy  of many others with his engaging personality and winning ways.

Then I met his wife. What was wrong with her?

Never smiling, her depressed countenance was a mystery. He seemed like a great guy. Why wasn’t she radiant, fulfilled, and happy?

Sometimes we men are so busy loving God, we’re walking in sin.

But, shouldn’t we be zealous for winning the lost, foreign missions, for youth work, or for the church’s inner-city ministry or . . . ?

No, we shouldn’t . . . not if our zeal for God gets in the way of obedience to what He told us to do.

If I’m the cause of a lack of radiance in my wife, I’m walking in disobedience to God. Papering over that sin with spiritual-sounding exploits might fool the guy in the next aisle on Sunday morning but it won’t impress God, or our wives.

When it comes to marriage, it takes two – both parties are responsible. Yet, when it comes to the contented, radiant, fulfilled life of your own wife, ask yourself a question:

Is my wife the most cherished, fulfilled, loved woman I know?

Better yet, what would your wife honestly say if she was asked, “Do you feel cherished by your husband?”

From a distance, the super-missionary looked like the apostle Paul – bold, zealous, caring, sold out for the Gospel. But his wife was downcast, dull of spirit, lacking joy.

A loved woman just doesn’t look like that.

Misplaced zeal for God had relegated her to a distant secondary status. We can be too spiritual, sometimes. There’s nothing godly or biblical about neglecting the needs and heart of our wife and calling it ‘putting God in 1st place in our lives.’

Putting God in first place means doing what He says.

When it comes to your woman, He’s been pretty specific. Your wife is supposed to hold the same place in your heart as the Bride of Christ, the Church, holds in Jesus Christ’s: Husbands love your wives just like Christ loved the Church – Ephesians 5:25

Oh, yeah, that. We’ve heard it so many times it induces barely a yawn.

But, if my wife’s lack of radiance is due to not being cherished, it’s not just too bad for her, it’s wrong and, I need to change. A Church full of men who love God is a Church full of cherished wives.

If anyone asks your wife, “Are you a cherished woman?” do your part to make sure she can respond with abandon: Absolutely, I wish everyone could enjoy being loved as I am loved!

Chances are, if your wife is cherished, it wouldn’t occur to anyone to ask the question because a cherished woman is as eye-catching as a huge star burning brightly in the night sky.

What man doesn’t want that?

God told us men to get to it.

So let’s get busy!

Is your wife a cherished woman? What are some ways you are loving your wife today? 


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