Friday, September 27, 2013

Birthdays and Cakes!

Our birthday fella, the handsomely adorable...

Is he not all boy or what?!  He looks just like his big bro!  Love our fellas!  This precious little guy is already 8 years old!  Wow, can't believe it!

 Here those two are with Grandma that came clear down from Ohio!  We so enjoyed having her here and Ti loved that she was here on his birthday! 

Boy, did he ever love this birthday present, can you tell?!  That oh my!  What boy doesn't love a nurf gun, or any gun for that matter?!
And here's our precious little pumpkin Sarah on her 3rd birthday! 

She was so excited about her birthday presents...a beautiful new dollie, including the diaper bag (couldn't forget that!!!)  and a singing "radio".  It's always so fun to see the delight in their little eyes!  Sarah loves dollies!  She also loves music (she's a true Alexander! :-)) so she really took a liking to her new "radio", which she carries in her diaper bag.  Important stuff ya know.  ;-) 

And now for the promised pic of the experimental candy cake, which ended up being an m&m cake......

The theme for Sarah's birthday was smiley faces and m&m's.  Sarah loves smiley faces!  She can't recognize her name marked on a piece of tape on her cup, so we always put a smiley face on it so she knows that it's hers.  Thus the inspiration for a smiley face birthday party!  :-)

And like the last cake, this one was inspired by the below idea seen online....

We definitely went with our own twist, especially with not adding the Kit-Kats around it.  But we thought it may have ended up a little too pricey with the Kit-Kats, so we got creative.  Such fun!  And Sarah thought the m&m's were great! 

It's amazing how fast they grow up!!!!  Sarah is definetly a little sunshine!  And never gets any attention.  (You believe me, right?  ;-) )

And this is a special extra!  Britt made this beautiful cake for some friends anniversary.  Britt is amazing and so creative!  I love seeing her simply lovely creations!

And thus you have the parties that have been going on in the Alexander's home lately! 
I hope to post more fun pics and share about some of the other neat things that have been happening 'round here at some other time, but... bye for now!!!!  :-)

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  1. Aw!! Happy Birthday to all of you xD (I don't know who is what day, so cover all at once ;))

  2. LOVED these photos, thank you so much for sharing them!! :D