Sunday, September 9, 2012

A House Call for a Sin Sick Church

 Church : Winter church at dawn

We had to stay home today due to poor Brittany suffering from a terrible case of swimmers ear.  It has been a wonderfully refreshing day though.  Although Britt has spent the day again on the couch!  :-(  We know she is sick if she actually consents to laying down.  She has such a sweet servants heart that even if she is not feeling well she will say nothing of it and be helping around the house.  Yesterday she said she just felt like crying.  The rest of us have enjoyed fellowship, listening to sermons, taking a bike ride, singing, praying and being able to serve Brittany in various ways.  This truly is a delight as she gives so much to our family.

This was the first sermon that we listened to today.  It is fantastic!!!  I will never look at the passage in Revelations that speaks about either being hot or cold the same way again.  Not only educational in regard to scripture but challenging to how I live day to day.   Well worth 62 minutes of your time!
Click below to hear the sermon.

A House Call for a Sin Sick Church 
by Voddie Baucham

Little update on Brittany:  As of this evening, on a scale of  1-10 (10 being the worst)  Britt said yesterday and this morning her ear was at a 10 but now she is saying a 5.  Praise the Lord I think we are heading in the right direction!  :-)

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