Sunday, July 10, 2011

God's Design for Women

I could not help to think of two very special young wives

and of course my own two young ladies who are awaiting the timing of the Lord.  Brother Tim broached a topic that is certainly a difficult topic to speak on in our culture.  I hope that you will be blessed and encouraged by the Word of God as one of His shepherds faithfully expounds upon it.  Meg and Katie may you continue to stand firm and continue with assurance in the path you are walking in. 
Click here to listen to God's Design for Woman by Tim Conway


  1. Excellent Sermon!!! So helpful to know the direction the Lord has for women and I am grateful that you posted this evening,as it was a good follow-up from part of Phil's sermon this evening!!!! Thank you for encouraging all those young ladies!!!;)
    Much Love to you all,
    Mrs. M