Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet Pictures and Funny Quotes

Everyone knows that every once in a while little kids say some really cute things.  Here are a few pitures that go along with a few sweet things that our little ones have said recently.

As I was walking through the livingroom one afternoon, Ti stopped me and said, "Britt, I have a problem with Essie.  You'll have to adjust it."  (I don't know what made him think to use that verbage, but it was really comical.)  He then went on to explain how she had knocked down part of his lego house.  In the end, they made up with each other... and here's the picture to prove it! 


One evening after dinner, we didn't know where Essie was.  As Tater went to find her, he walked in the sewing room and said, upon sight of the little dear, "What are you doing, Es?"  To which she replied, "Boone."  She was all dressed up in Ti's Daniel Boone shirt and hat.  It was really quite cute.   

On New Years Eve day we just had to watch a movie.  I thought this picture of Dad with Essie and Bell trying to decide what to watch was sweet.  We decided on...

...Savage Sam.  During the movie, the little brother was complaining about having bacon and mush for breakfast.  Latter, at the end of a somewhat romantic scene (nothing serious), he says, "Mush."  Tater then told Ti, "He didn't like that mush stuff did he?"  To which Ti responded, "Nope.  But he did like bacon."  We all cracked up at the sweet innocents of his comment.

Here's our sweet Essie stringing foam beads on yarn.  Mom said the picture so captured her, and I just love that little sweater with her hair up in those pig-tails.

Everyother Friday evening we've been having a class with a few other families here at our home.  We have been going through the teaching DVD called Amazing Grace.  Here are Bell, Ti, and M.J. having fun after one of our classes.

Last, but not by any means least,  is our newest picture of our sweet Little Rose.

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