Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We got a delightful amount of snow last week.  It stayed cold enough for a few days, that Dad and Tater took the little ones and were able to go sledding with some friends.  I came along to be the photographer.  Everyone had a great time.  Here are just a few pictures from the day.

Here's Dad with Essie and Tater with Ti.

Sweet Bell slid down with Essie and is pulling her back up the hill.

Ti and M.J. getting ready to take off.  Cold, but still smilling.

Here's a group pic, getting ready to take off again.

Bell and Essie

Tater and his little "monkey" (as he's taught her to call herself),
climbing back up the hill.

I thought this picture was precious.
Daddy holding little sweetie's hand as they assend.

Mr. K. and M.J. brought a saucer sled.  It was funny to watch Ti hang on and lean with it;
whichever way it spun and took him down.

    Here's one of the latter pictures, with everyone running back
up with their sleds... Still going hard at it.

It was a delightful time.

-Britt Ann-

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