Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Poem ~ The Glory Due

The Glory Due
To give the Lord the glory due unto His name
We must be steadfast in the same.
Must not be distracted by other things,
Must not give my heart to things unredeemed.
If it is Him that I would glorify
I must my own self life defy.
The Lord demands and deserves all,
Commands our whole lives His name extol.
To give the glory due His name
I must my own self be renamed.
Before my own master, now a servant;
Christ Jesus’ disciple, steadfastly fervent.
With my whole life I wish to give recognition
To my Savior who’s blood has redeemed my condition.
So now to His name I’ll give the glory due.
By His grace I’ll keep pressing to, my whole life through.



  1. Brittany that is beautiful...~Martha Alexander

  2. Britt, I only got to read this poem now; its beautiful! Thank you for sharing.