Monday, September 19, 2016

Encouragements for Mom's with their Boys

Oh, I nearly felt I had found a pot of gold this afternoon.  :-)  I hope these articles will be an encouragement to other mom's that have been blessed with sons.

Sons . . . what a blessing they are.  Just this afternoon, when my husband came home for lunch,  he and Titus start sword fighting; we all were just sitting around smiling and laughing, I thought 'I love having sons, they add so much fun to a family'.  We only have three sons and they are 10 years apart but I am SO thankful for them.  Now I must admit that there are times that I have really struggled with different aspects of raising sons and being a wife too.  Pink and blue are truly different but, a wonderful different.  Well that is once we ladies begin to understand and appreciate the differences.  :-)  Dr. Emerson Eggrich in his book and video series called Love and Respect  says it is not wrong just different.  The more years that go by and the more I grow the more I love the differences and so appreciate them.  I still have a whole bunch more to learn about boys but I am SO thankful for my three and for my precious husband who is so patient and faithful in loving me and helping me grow.
I love you Seth, Tayte, Titus and Benjamin!  
You are treasures in my life!

Hope the articles are a blessing to you as they have been to me.  They are all from Lisa Jacobson's site

Blessings!  ~Karen

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