Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Little Blessing!

About six weeks ago the Lord blessed us with a very special blessing.  It came in a very small package weighing 8 lbs. 10 oz. and was 19" long.  This sweet little blessing was the first grandchild to enter the Alexander family; Tayte and Martha's first child.  Miss Alexandria Lea was born on September 23rd, just five minutes after midnight.  With a beautiful complexion and a very peaceful, content disposition, she was just perfect.  Babies are such an amazing thing.  Such tiny complexity; they are truly amazing works of God's hand.  We are so thankful for this little girl.  It is so precious watching Tayte and Martha be parents, and Alexandria has very proud grandparents and uncle and aunts. :-)  Here are some pictures that we've been able to capture over these past weeks that capture these special moments.

Tayte, Martha, and Alexandria
Beautiful Little Family
Little Alexandria
just a couple hours after she was born
 'Grandpa' & 'Daddy'
with Alexandria
Those are two thrilled guys!
 A special moment very late at night.
'Grandma' holding her first little granddaughter while she slept.

The morning after Alexadria was born we had four kiddos at our house who were very anxious to meet her. :-)
I love each of their expressions.
 'Aunt' Elizabeth holding her for the first time.
 'Aunt' Sarah holding her for the first time.
 'Uncle' Titus holding her for the first time.
 'Aunt' Esther holding her for the first time.

Since little miss Alexandria's birth, there have been many trips down the lane to check in on everyone, and we are enjoying watching Tayte be a daddy and seeing Martha being a mother.  And there are always many arms that want to hold that special little girl.  Here are some more random pictures.
 Titus is a wonderful uncle; very tender and sweet with his little niece.
This picture was taken the first day Tayte and Martha brought her down to our house.
 A very thrilled, awe-struck 'Aunt' Breanna
 and a very delighted, amazed 'Aunt' Brittany
 Sweet Martha and Alexandria came down for their first little visit one afternoon.
We all so enjoyed that!  That little girls gets passed around the room a million times. :-)
 ~ First Time Babysitting ~
We were all so thrilled when Breanna came back home from Tayte and Martha's with Alexandria in her arms one day.  It was only for about an hour or so, but that was one special hour with a very loved on little girl.
 We never just stand around gawking at her. ;-)
 Alexandria definitely likes her thumb.
She was sucking her thumb like crazy just a couple hours after she was born.
 She likes her pacy too. :-)
Esther enjoyed holding her outside and Alexandria seemed contented by the environment.
 Everyone wants a chance to hold her.
That smile could not get any bigger!
 Precious Picture
Father and Daughter looking at each other.
This was taken on Tayte's 20th birthday.
 Baby close-ups. - A favorite at our house.
Beautiful little baby doll.
 Such a cutie!
She really had Breanna and I cracking up on this one.
She kept pinching her cheeks and chin and making cute little expressions.
She had two very captivated aunties for sure.
Time to get out the baby toys!
The girls had lots of fun keeping Alexandria happy with all our baby toys.
It is so neat to be using these saved toys with our first little grandbaby!

So there you have a brief overview of the past six weeks of baby activity around our place. :-)  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the newest little member of our family.  We are truly blessed, very thankful, and totally thrilled!  We are praying that the Lord will work in little Alexandria's heart, draw her to Himself and use her for His glory and for the building of His kingdom.


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