Monday, June 30, 2014

Random May Pictures

Here are some random pictures from May.  Though a little over-due, hopefully you'll enjoy seeing a little bit of what was going on for our family that month. :-)
Dad and Tayte working on the lawnmower together.
Such a precious sight.
These two have worked very hard together over the years.
Movie night at the Morton's -just we kids- the parents went out.
Here the guys were having a lively, intense discussion before the movie.
We'll spare the details, but all we girls did find it amusing. :-)
Breanna helped the little ones make a sweet banner for Mom for Mother's Day.
The hand print flowers stated some of Mom's character qualities.
The leaves told things that they were thankful for that she did for them.
We're so thankful for Mom and Dad.  The Lord has blessed us with such wonderful parents!
Working on setting poles for Dad's barn/shop.
We enjoy working hard together as a family.
It makes for very special memories. :-)
Mom and Sarah.
One of those sweet, fun moments. :-)
Such precious smiles.
(Gotta love the sticker on Sarah's forehead!)
Another precious, fun moment.
Esther ~ sweet and silly, ray of sunshine. :-)
Breanna playing ball with the kids.
(And our good dog, Daisy, always nearby.)
Mom and Dad taught we children how to play Hearts.
Elizabeth and Titus caught on really fast and enjoyed it,
and the little two like to help hold the cards and lay them.
I think this picture is just classic.  It makes me smile.
Mom and Bell with their sweet smiles, and Sarah with her big eyes like she's getting smothered. :-)
Tayte and Bree in his truck.
I thought this picture was neat.
And I must say, I think it's one perfect farm truck. :-)

The Lord is so good and gracious.  Sometimes we get caught up in the things that aren't going quite right, or how we wish they were, or think they should, or the things that worry us.  But when we look back and reflect, we so see the Lord's loving hand guiding and blessing, teaching and leading.  He has given us and blessed us with so much!   May we continue to look back, and ahead, and see the faithfulness of the Lord!

Our family also took a trip back up north in May.  Mom and I are working on a post for the trip.  Lord willing, we'll soon have it done. :-)

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