Thursday, August 29, 2013

Five years ago . . .

God brought this little blessing into our lives.
This picture just so captures Esther!!!

 Brittany and Breanna made a very special dinner for a very special 5 year old.
Brittany had fun trying out a new recipe for Chick-Fil-A nuggets complete with their special recipe sauce.  They were extremely good!!!  Green beans and homemade sweet potato fries accompanied this fine meal.  :-) 
 Esther sweetly smiling as we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  Grandma was even on the phone singing with us.  She had her cake and ice cream virtually. :-)  We so missed not having her with us today.  How thankful we were that we could still be together via the phone.  :-)
 Another picture from her photo shoot trying to get her year picture.  She just makes me smile.  
 Breanna and Elizabeth made her a special dress.  :-)  A yummy one too!!!
 This was the other shot that I was trying to decide between.  I so love her smile and sparkle in her eyes.  

This one just fully captured her.  I cropped it, which is what the first picture in this post is and that will be her year picture.  

 A very happy birthday indeed!  We love you so much Esther!  
She was so excited for her fifth birthday because she now can finally chew gum.  :-)  We got her a big tub that had 360 pieces in it as one of her gifts.  She loved it and feels like a big girl now.  :-)  

Five is such a turning point in some ways in our home as this is the year that she will learn to read and tell time so will receive her first Bible and watch.  Children seem to grow up so quickly.  Oh that they will all grow and live their lives for the Lord, glorifying Him in all that they do.  This is our earnest prayer for Esther and for all of our children.  


  1. Aw! How sweet! Happy Birthday Esther! <3

  2. Thanks Hallie!! I will be sure to tell her! :-)

  3. What a beautiful young lady! I'm sorry we missed her birthday, please tell her a very happy belated birthday from the Westraads! I love what you said in the end, about praying that your children will live their lives to the Lord; I will pray that esp for little Esther today!

    1. Oh I will be sure to tell her Isak! You all are so sweet! Thank you for praying with us today over Esther. This truly is the most important thing in her life as you know. Love you all!