Thursday, July 11, 2013

Excellent Quote on Marriage

 When I found this quote the other day I was very struck.  This is so good!  Such a precious declaration of true Christian commitment in the friendship of marriage.  Truly, the goal of our lives is Christ, and we must seek to walk in a way that pleases and glorifies our Lord, points others to Him, and in marriage to assist one another in this pilgrimage to heaven.  May I be such a woman, and may the Lord send me such a man in His perfect timing!

"One of the ends which every believer must propose to himself, on entering the state of marriage, is to secure a faithful friend who will be a helpmate to him in reference to the world to come, assist him in the great business of his soul’s salvation, and pray for him and with him. One that will affectionately tell him of his sins and defects, viewed in the light of a Christian. One that will stimulate and draw him by the power of a holy example and the sweet force of persuasive words. One that will warn him in temptation, comfort him in dejection, and in every way assist him in his pilgrimage to heaven."
 ~  John Angell James

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