Thursday, April 18, 2013

Embracing being created female and what that means

So true!....

And I think all of us ladies want to be truly beautiful women because Christ is transforming us from the inside out!  I was very blessed and challenged by a sermon by Pastor Voddie Baucham this week on womanhood.  He goes through Titus 2 and defines our role and explains the passage, including shedding light on what it means when it says that we are to be "reverent in behavior".   It's one that would be well worth your time to listen to it at least once! Here's the link to the sermon-

The Lord has really been teaching me a lot about what my role is as a woman and I want to share with you a summary of what He's been mercifully teaching me.  And to do that, I'm simply going to share with you what I wrote on my about page on Google+ on what I call...

My Life's Passion!
I rejoice to have been created female and given this distinctive calling of womanhood.  It is my earnest desire to display the glory of Christ in my life in ways that would not be displayed if there was no womanhood by fully embracing this amazing calling of being a vessel filled with love, loving the Lord with all my heart, soul, strength and mind and recklessly abandoning my life to Him and His purposes for me in pouring myself out as a willing vessel to love and serve my family and build the Kingdom of Christ in that, and to love and serve His people, and to care for and love the needy.  And it is my earnest desire to encourage other young ladies to fully embrace and delight in this distinctive and blessed calling that we've been given, despite what our culture tells us that we're wasting our lives.  I haven't always felt this way, but by the grace of God, He has opened my eyes to see and embrace this truth with all my heart and I so desire to encourage my fellow sisters in Christ in this way as well.  I greatly look forward to the time when the Lord brings the man (my currently missing half) that He created me to be a helpmeet to into my life to love and serve with all my heart!  But for now, I'm waiting on His timing and praying earnestly for him and for God to bring me to him, and seeking to use my time diligently and bring glory to Christ in all I do.  May we all strive to display the glory of Jesus Christ in our lives!  :-)

And this is exactly what He's been teaching me...that He has a glorious purpose for my life- to display His glory through the distinctive and special calling that He has given me as a female in true womanhood!  Oh that we would all embrace this with all our hearts and search His Word to learn what this looks like and really means!  I encourage you to please listen to the sermon by Mr. Baucham, as he does such an excellent job in biblically defining our role as women.  

Be blessed in being created it and embrace it for the glory of our King!  It will impact those around us in amazing ways!


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